, the newest concept in automated blanket cleaning, cleans all blankets on the entire press, at the same time, in less than one minute!
operates using a programmable combination of spray wash and dual oscillating brushes, which delivers the most efficient, lowest cost blanket cleaning available.  The paper is used for residue removal, which eliminates the creation or disposal of any hazardous waste!
All functions of the spray and brushes may be programmed with easy to use PLC controls from a 10 Touch Screen monitor.  Press signal interfacing provides for simple wash type selection and speed control lock out. Multiple programs may be stored and user screens customized for any press configuration.
units require very little maintenance and are easy to remove from the press, due to quick disconnect fittings and custom mounting brackets.  Units are manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel and chemically inert materials.
may be configured for efficient operation on any single or double width press.